Ayurveda is a system of medicine with roots in India that mainly devotes itself to the maintenance of harmony between body, mind and soul. Its focus is to activate the self-regulating forces, detox the body and cleanse. Those kind of massages strengthen the tissue, relax the muscular system, increase the lymphatic flow and discharge waste substances to improve sleep and reduce exhaustion and stress.


This consultation will help you support a better life style if you’re experiencing anydiscomfort with your locomotor system or your inner organs. We’ll provide you with an evaluation of a Dosha questionnaire and a yoga exercise plan that you can use at home.

Duration: 60 min / Price: € 49,00

Body Part Massage25 min
55 min
€ 39,00
€ 74,00
Full Body Massage55 min
85 min
€ 79,00
€ 113,00
Full Body, Facial, Head Massage85 min
115 min
€ 115,00
€ 146,00
“Third Eye” Oil Stream
with Shoulder, Neck, Head, Facial Massage
25 min
55 min
€ 49,00
€ 88,00