Epilation with our Super Hair Removal Technique is suitable for all body parts as well as skin types and guarantees you excellent results within a minimum of time. Say good bye to hair stubbles, irritations and ingrown hair. The “In-Motion-SlideTechnique” ensures a smooth and gentle result at all times.

For Women

Upper Lip€ 29,00
Chin€ 34,00
Upper Lip & Chin€ 49,00
Armpit€ 64,00
Arm€ 84,00
Bikini Line€ 59,00
Brazilian€ 79,00
Half Leg€ 99,00
Full Leg€ 179,00

For Men

Face€ 75,00
Neck/Throat€ 59,00
Armpit€ 69,00
Upper Arm€ 75,00
Full Arm€ 99,00
Back€ 119,00
Chest€ 84,00
Chest & Belly€ 114,00
Full Leg€ 195,00