TREATMENTS & PRICES Waxing & Sugaring

Finally hair-free thanks to Sugaring – the renaissance of an ancient art! The use of sugar (glucose, fructose) in medicine and cosmetics goes back over 5000 years. Even the first advanced civilisations treasured the nurturing and disinfecting properties of this important energy booster. This is why in ancient times premium sugar pastes were called “Gold of Cleopatra”. They were a luxury good that was reserved for the “Rich and Beautiful People”.


Sugaring is currently the most effective and most gentle method of waxing. This is because sugar is a 100% natural material and has disinfecting properties, which makes it also suitable for allergy sufferers and people with very sensitive skin. The hair gets removed in direction of growth to avoid pains and hair breakage. In order of that the hair regrows thinner and slower.

The result: Soft and smooth skin for 3-4 weeks.


Effective – other than waxing, sugaring removes your hair in direction of growth, which also allows the removal of very short and fine hair.

Less pain – in contrast to waxing the sugar paste is not sticking to your skin but only to your hair which makes it almost painless.

Nurturing – your skin gets exfoliated, massaged and cleansed with the epilation as well as an individual pre- and post-treatment.

Natural – sugaring works with an endogenous substance (glucose) and without artificial additives, which makes it highly compatible even with sensitive or damaged skin.

Regenerating – it effectively supports the natural functions of your skin.

Eyebrows€ 10,00-
Upper Lip€ 10,00-
Chin€ 13,00-
Face€ 19,00-
Armpit€ 23,00€ 33,00
Arm€ 29,00€ 39,00
Bikini Line€ 24,00€ 34,00
Brazilian€ 39,00€ 49,00
Half Leg€ 43,00€ 53,00
Full Leg€ 69,00€ 79,00